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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

The MapPlace - BC Geology Map Index & BCGS Metadata Catalogue (formerly known as the BCGS CGKN Data Catalogue)

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Details: This map displays footprints for BC Geological Survey (BCGS) Publications.  These include coverages for Bedrock maps, MINFILE publications, Regional Geochemical Surveys and Surficial Mapping.  Many of the footprints are linked directly (double-click) to the online reports or indirectly through tabular reports (select footprints, reports). See also GSC & GSB Geology Indexes (Mixer Map).



July 2016:  Updated BCGS CGKN Data Catalogue (MS Access) download.


January 2016: Updated BCGS CGKN Data Catalogue (MS Access) and BCGS CGKN Data Catalogue (Shapefile) downloads.  


September 2015:  The Government of Canada discontinued the GeoConnections Discovery Portal and CGKN Data Catalogue.  The BC Geological Survey will continue to maintain the BC component of the CGKN Data Catalogue.  The Government of Canada site now points to GeoGratis and for current information on geospatial products and services.


October 9, 2014:  Updated BCGS CGKN Data Catalogue (MS Access) and Metadata Catalogue for download:

February 21, 2014:  Updated BCGS CGKN Data Catalogue (MS Access) and BCGS CGKN Data Catalogue (Shapefile) downloads.


December 13, 2012: Updated BCGS CGKN Data Catalogue (MS Access) and added BCGS CGKN Data Catalogue (Shapefile) downloads to Geospatial Download page.


June 21, 2011:  Search BCGS CGKN Metadata Catalogue on GeoConnections Discovery Portal


June 20, 2006: Redesigned the Publications Search Application.  Searches are by Author, Title, Keyword, Abstract, Year, Scale, Series and Map Extent. You can refine your search with additional criteria. The Map Extents option will return all publications completely enclosed by the current map view.  An abstract report is also available with the select and report tools.


January 18, 2006:  Posted updated Publications Search Application to Exploration Assistant. The new form is more compact and allows users to search Open Files, Bulletins and Papers by Title, Author or Year. Results of the publication search can either be displayed on the map, or as a table in a new window.  If available, the map footprint links to the on-line publication, as does the report summary.


September 27, 2004:  Added Search Hints for CGKN Metadata Catalogue and GeoConnections Discovery Portal.


September 7, 2004:  Added Publications Search Link to Exploration Assistant. The BC Geology Map Index opens with Title and Author searches of Open Files and Bulletins. Also added Paper and Geoscience Map footprints.  Added MS Access table of the Metadata Catalogue for download:


July 29, 2004:  Added Open File and Bulletin footprints.  Double-click footprint to view Open File or Bulletin table of contents page or use the select tool and click the report button to view a list of selected Open Files or Bulletins and link to their table of contents pages.  The Open Files and Bulletins are themed by year.  A separate layer displays Provincial scale publications; select and use the report button to view publications.


Publication Links:


Canadian Geoscience Knowledge Network
CGKN Data Catalogue (May 12, 2004 to 2015 - has been discontinued)
A comprehensive metadata catalogue and a search engine to facilitate discovery of geoscience data, maps and publications from federal, provincial and territorial geoscience agencies.  The BC Geological Survey will continue to maintain the BC component of the CGKN Data Catalogue.


GeoConnections Discovery Portal (has been discontinued as of 2015) Discover maps, satellite images, data publications and other geospatial data provided by Canadian and international organizations.  The Portal also has Web Services; Links to Canadian and international organizations that provide geospatial data, services and expertise; and Other Services and Resources.


Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI) (has been discontinued as of 2015)



BC Data Catalogue (formerly known as Data Discovery Service)
Provides a single window to a diverse set of datasets, applications and web services, including geographic data from the BC Geographic Warehouse.


GEOSCAN Database of Geological Survey of Canada Publications
GEOSCAN is a bibliographic database containing more than 40 000 records covering all the publications of the Geological Survey of Canada. Contributions by GSC staff to external publications have been included since 1986.


BC Geological Survey Publication Catalogue



View BC Geology Map Index


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